portable toilet accessories for events

How to choose portable toilet accessories for events

Organizing events can be exciting, rewarding, and rewarding. Amidst the excitement of planning, providing adequate restroom facilities for attendees is crucial. Portable toilets have emerged as a popular solution, offering convenience and flexibility. To ensure a positive experience, choose the right portable toilet accessories.

These accessories enhance cleanliness and sanitation and contribute to the event’s overall success. In this article, we will explore the key considerations and factors that event organizers should consider when selecting portable toilet accessories for their events, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both organizers and attendees. Portable Restrooms are very popular nowadays for special events or outdoor events. 

Each accessory is crucial in creating an event that leaves a lasting impression, from hand sanitizers and lighting to baby changing stations and ADA-compliant facilities. So let’s delve into choosing portable toilet accessories to make your next event successful with quality freshwater service. 

Factors to consider before choosing portable toilet accessories

Here are some important factors that you should consider from a Rental company before choosing portable toilet accessories.

1. Consider the Type of Event

The first step in selecting appropriate portable toilet accessories is understanding the nature of the event. Different events have varying requirements, impacting the types of accessories you need to consider. For example, a music festival may have a higher footfall than a small outdoor wedding and thus require more accessories to handle the increased usage. Assess the expected attendance, the event’s duration, and any specific needs based on the corporate event theme. Make sure to consider portable restroom trailer accessories by considering the nature of the event. 

2. Calculate the Number of Toilets Needed

Before deciding on accessories, determine the number of porta-potty toilets required for the event. The general rule of thumb is one portable toilet for every 50-100 attendees, which can vary depending on the event’s duration and other factors. The toilet facilities for single or larger units are popular with guests. 

3. Hand Sanitizers and Handwashing Stations

Hygiene is paramount when it comes to portable toilets at events. Hand sanitizers and handwashing stations are essential accessories to ensure cleanliness and minimize the spread of germs. 

4. Lighting

Events often run late into the evening or even overnight. In such cases, proper lighting around the portable toilets is crucial to ensure attendees’ safety and ease of use. Consider using battery-powered LED lights or solar-powered lighting solutions to illuminate the area around the toilets, making them easily accessible and reducing any safety hazards. A luxury restroom for public events is a must, which could also store gallons of water. 

5. Toilet Seat Covers and Paper Dispensers

Consider providing toilet seat covers for an extra layer of cleanliness and comfort. These disposable covers help prevent direct contact with the toilet seat and are an inexpensive way to promote hygiene. Additionally, ensure that each portable toilet is equipped with a paper dispenser containing ample toilet paper. Your bathroom situation should be good and should have all additional services available. 

6. Trash Receptacles

Proper waste disposal is a crucial aspect of maintaining cleanliness at any event. Place trash receptacles near the portable toilets, encouraging attendees to dispose of any waste responsibly. Regularly empty and clean these trash receptacles to avoid overflow and unpleasant odors. Whether it is a birthday party or a backyard party, these things are necessary to avoid bad smells. 

7. ADA-Compliant Accessories

When organizing events, it’s essential to be inclusive and cater to the needs of all attendees. Accessible toilets with ADA-compliant portable toilet accessories, such as handrails and larger door openings, should be provided for people with disabilities. It’s crucial to ensure everyone can comfortably use the facilities at your event because we always want our guests to go to standard toilets with air conditioning facilities. 

8. Baby Changing Stations

For family-oriented events or events with many parents attending, having baby changing stations within some portable toilets can be a thoughtful addition. These stations provide a clean and private space for parents to tend to their baby’s needs.

9. Deodorizers and Air Fresheners

Unpleasant odors can quickly become a concern at events with high toilet usage. To maintain a fresh and pleasant environment, consider using deodorizers and air fresheners within the portable toilets. Choose safe and effective products, and make sure to replenish them regularly. Unpleasant smells can worsen your overall experience, and a complete bathroom setup is essential. 

10. Signage and Directions

Clear signage and directions are crucial at events with multiple portable toilets or complex layouts. Use signage to direct attendees to the nearest restrooms and indicate the types of toilets available (e.g., gender-neutral or ADA-compliant). This will help attendees find the facilities easily, reducing congestion and wait times. 

These are the basic features we should remember to experience luxury porta potties. All these services are much needed in formal events and athletic events. 


Providing clean and well-equipped restroom facilities is a fundamental responsibility when organizing events. Choosing the right portable toilet accessories can significantly enhance the overall experience for attendees. Each addition, from hand sanitizers and handwashing stations to lighting and trash receptacles, promotes hygiene and convenience.

Moreover, considering the specific needs of your event, such as baby changing stations or ADA-compliant facilities, ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all attendees. By following these guidelines and carefully selecting appropriate accessories, event organizers can create a positive and memorable experience for everyone involved.

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