Porta Potty For Wedding


Renting a porta potty for your wedding in California is not quite the glamorous aspect of planning, but it is necessary – and can even be fun. With just a little bit of creative thinking, you can easily spruce up any porta-potty to make it look modern and stylish for your special occasion!

There are plenty of great ways to dress up your rental, from decorations to amenities, so guests feel comfortable using the restroom on your big day. Here are some reasons why you should rent a porta potty for your wedding in California and some creative ideas on how to dress them up!

Favourable reasons for renting a Porta Potty for your Wedding Day in California

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, renting a porta-potty is a great way to enhance your guests’ experience while still keeping the environment intact. Let’s explore the benefits of having a porta-potty on your special day. 


Renting a porta potty at a wedding means you don’t have to worry about digging into the surrounding environment or creating temporary structures. This allows you to keep your venue as natural as possible without sacrificing convenience for your guests.

Convenience for Guests 

Having a porta-potty on-site is convenient for your guests. This means that your guests can quickly and easily take care of their restroom needs without feeling like they are inconveniencing other guests or missing out on any of the fun activities you have planned.

Cost Savings 

Renting a porta potty can save you money in the long run. Instead of having to build a restroom facility, you can easily rent a porta-potty for your wedding day. This eliminates the need for costly construction and materials and ongoing maintenance costs.

No Messy Cleanup 

Moreover, when you rent a porta potty for your wedding in California, there’s no need to worry about messy cleanup afterwards. The porta-potty provider will take care of all cleaning and maintenance needs before and after the event.

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Creative Ideas on How to Dress Up Your Porta Potty

With just a few creative touches, you can dress up your porta-potty and make it stand out from the crowd. Read on for unique ideas on stylizing your portable bathroom in California. 

Decorate restroom exterior

For an extra bit of pizazz, you can decorate the exterior of your porta-potty. Hang a string of lights or flowers around the outside and add other decorations to make it look like a fancy restroom. 

Provide amenities

There are plenty of restroom amenities you can provide for your guests. Consider adding a mini trashcan, hand sanitizer, and even a magazine rack to give your porta potty extra convenience. 

Sanitary Considerations

It’s important to ensure that your porta potty is kept clean and sanitized for the safety of your guests. Request that your portable toilet provider use biodegradable materials and offer frequent cleaning services throughout the event.

Separate the men’s and ladies rooms

If you are renting multiple porta-potties for your wedding in California, consider color-coding them to separate the men’s and ladies’ rooms. This makes it easier for guests to find the right restroom and can give your event a professional look.

Add baskets in the bathroom

You can also add decorative baskets in the restroom to offer extra convenience for your guests. Line them with pretty fabric and fill them with items like hand wipes, tissues, and other toiletries.

Place Stunning rug on the floor

Finally, you can add a stunning rug to the floor of your porta-potty for extra style and comfort. Choose a vibrant color or pattern that will contrast nicely with the white walls.

Taking advantage of all these creative ideas can turn your porta-potty into a stylish and comfortable restroom for your wedding day. Just make sure to keep in mind the sanitary considerations when setting up your portable toilets!  

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Renting a porta-potty for your wedding in California is the perfect way to keep your guests comfortable while still keeping the environment intact. It’s a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution that can be dressed up with creative touches. Just make sure to follow the necessary sanitary considerations, and you’ll be ready to host an unforgettable event!

At Star Porta Potty, we have the experience and knowledge to help you make your event a success. We offer a wide range of porta-potty and other restroom rentals to make sure that your guests are comfortable and taken care of. With our wide selection of portable bathrooms, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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