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Toilet Paper Orientation in Portable Toilets: Over or Under?

“Have you ever noticed how the toilet paper hangs in a portable toilet – over or under? It might sound like a small thing, but people have strong opinions about it! When you’re at a festival or camping, the way the toilet paper rolls in those little toilets can matter. Some people always want it over, while others swear by having it under. It’s not just what you like better; it’s about what’s easiest to use, keeps things clean, and even how it makes us feel. So, let’s talk about this funny but important topic: how should toilet paper hang in portable toilets?”

What Does the Customer Review Say?

Regarding the orientation of toilet paper in portable toilets, customer reviews offer a wealth of insights. Here are some of the sayings: 

  • Preference for ‘Over’ Orientation: Users often favor the ‘over’ position for toilet paper in portable toilets due to better accessibility and visibility, especially in confined spaces.

  • Hygiene Concerns: The ‘over’ orientation is seen as more hygienic, reducing the likelihood of the paper touching potentially unclean surfaces of the portable toilet.

  • Impact on Usage: Toilet paper in the ‘over’ position is generally easier to roll out and tear, while the ‘under’ position can be more cumbersome, particularly in a portable toilet’s cramped or dimly lit conditions.

  • Children and Elderly Users: Some prefer the ‘under’ orientation for facilities used by families or the elderly, as it can prevent excessive unrolling, a common issue with young children.

  • Personal Preferences: There’s a diversity of opinions, with some users having no strong preference or favoring the ‘under’ orientation, indicating that personal habits significantly influence user choice.

  • Impact on Overall Experience: While seemingly minor, attention to toilet paper orientation is noted in reviews to substantially improve the user experience in portable toilets.

Which option is more hygienic? Over or Under?

Regarding hygiene in the context of toilet paper orientation in portable toilets, the debate between the ‘over’ versus ‘under’ positions is quite relevant. Here’s a breakdown of the hygiene aspects of each orientation:

Over Orientation:

  • Less Contact with Wall: The ‘over’ orientation minimizes the toilet paper’s contact with potentially unclean portable toilet walls, reducing germ transfer.

  • Easier to Grab: Grabbing the end of the roll is easier in the ‘over’ position, reducing the likelihood of touching multiple sheets and spreading germs.

  • Reduced Accidental Brushing: The ‘over’ position decreases the chance of hands or fingers accidentally brushing against the toilet or walls in the confined space.

  • Improved Visibility and Accessibility: The ‘over’ orientation enhances the visibility and accessibility of the toilet paper in portable toilets, particularly in limited light or space, promoting hygiene by minimizing unnecessary contact with the roll.

Under Orientation:

  • Control Over Dispensing: The ‘under’ position offers better control over toilet paper dispensing, reducing wastage and maintaining cleanliness, especially in busy portable toilets.

  • Preference in Specific Settings: In portable toilets for children or windy conditions, the ‘under’ position prevents excessive unrolling and potential mess.

  • Discourages Unrolling by Pets and Children: The ‘under’ orientation is less appealing for pets and children to unroll, aiding in keeping a clean and hygienic environment at family-friendly events.

  • More Secure in Mobile Environments: In frequently moved portable toilets, like at construction sites or festivals, the ‘under’ orientation can prevent unspooling during transport, helping maintain a tidy setup.
The front of a row of grey and yellow portable chemical toilets, being used at an outdoor event. They are located on a gravel area, ready for use. Note the pattern on the sides of each toilet door and on the sides.

How Does It Affect Convenience?

Portable toilets are designed to be a convenient option compared to a regular bathroom. Their compact size and features, like a flush function and unisex toilet facilities, cater to a wide application range. But does the orientation of the toilet paper roll contribute to this convenience? We’ll look at how each option fares in ease of use, especially in different types of portable toilets like single-user toilet rooms or luxury restroom trailers.

Over Orientation:

The ‘over’ orientation in portable toilets offers greater convenience by allowing easy visibility and access to the toilet paper, reducing the hassle in confined spaces. This user-friendly setup makes it a preferred choice in busy or emergencies.

Under Orientation:

Conversely, the ‘under’ orientation can prevent excessive unrolling, which is particularly useful in windy outdoor settings or in toilets used by families with children. This helps maintain cleanliness and order, making it a practical choice in specific scenarios.

Does It Matter in Terms of Maintenance? Experts advice?

For those in the portable toilet industry, maintenance is a key concern. This includes the regular replenishment of supplies like rolls of toilet paper and wet wipes, as well as the cleaning and sanitizing the toilet seats and interiors. We’ll discuss if one toilet paper roll orientation is more maintenance-friendly than the other, considering factors like ease of replacement and protection from potential contamination.

In our quest to understand the best practices for toilet paper orientation in portable restrooms, we turn to industry experts and product reviews. Sources like Treeline Review often provide in-depth analyses and positive reviews based on various applications. Their insights can offer a professional perspective on what might seem trivial but is a significant aspect of user experience in portable toilets.


In conclusion, the orientation of a toilet paper roll in portable toilets might seem minor. Still, it is significant in user experience, hygiene, convenience, and maintenance. Remember, the next time you use a portable toilet, whether it’s the over or under orientation of the toilet paper roll, your comfort and convenience are always the top priority for our portable toilet rental services.

At Star Porta Potty Rentals, we understand that these details matter. Our commitment is to ensure that every aspect of our portable toilets, down to the orientation of the toilet paper roll, is aligned with providing the best possible experience for our users. We recognize that whether it’s an ‘over’ or ‘under’ preference, the comfort, convenience, and hygiene of our users are always our top priorities.

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