Various names for portable toilet worldwide

What Are the Various Names for Portable Toilets Worldwide?

Have you ever wondered what people worldwide call those handy, portable toilets we see at outdoor events? You might be surprised that these essential conveniences go by many different names globally! Each character carries a hint of cultural flavour, from the straightforward ‘Porta-Potty’ in the United States to the charmingly named ‘Dunny’ in Australia. 

Portable rental toilets , a ubiquitous sight and remote locations, are known by many names worldwide. These temporary solutions for sanitation needs have evolved into well-designed fibreglass units, luxury restroom trailers, and even basic models for camping. Let’s explore the various terms used to describe these essential facilities.

In the UK, they’re often called ‘Portable Loos,’ keeping things polite and to the point. Meanwhile, in France, you might hear them called ‘Toilettes Chimiques,’ a name that’s as practical as the toilets themselves. These names reflect linguistic differences and showcase the universal need for these facilities, regardless of where you are

United States: Porta Potty

“Porta Potty” is a term that resonates with familiarity and ease. It’s commonly used in the United States and has become synonymous with standard, single-unit portable toilets often seen at public events, construction sites, and festivals. These units are typically equipped with a basic toilet, a holding tank, and sometimes a hand sanitizer dispenser. They are valued for their convenience and mobility, easily transported to various locations as needed.

United Kingdom: Portable Toilet or Loos

“Portable Toilets” is widely recognized and used across different cultures and languages. It’s an umbrella term that covers a broad spectrum of mobile toilets, from simple single units to sophisticated, multi-stall facilities. This term is versatile in the portable toilet business, appearing on business cards, marketing materials, and everyday conversation. These units can range from basic models with just a seat and a tank to more advanced ones featuring flushing mechanisms, handwashing stations, and even climate control for comfort in various weather conditions.

Australia: Temporary Toilet or Dunny

In Australia, the term “Temporary Toilet” is often used, especially in contexts like construction sites or temporary event venues. These toilets are designed for short-term use, providing a practical solution where permanent toilets are not feasible. Features can vary, but most include a basic toilet, a hand sanitizer dispenser, and sometimes a urinal. More advanced models might offer solar-powered lighting and foot pump-operated sinks.

India: Water Closet

In regions influenced by British English, portable toilets are sometimes referred to as “water closets.” This term, though traditionally associated with fixed indoor restrooms, extends to portable versions in these areas. These portable water closets can vary in sophistication, with some offering flushable toilets, sinks, and even foot-operated water pumps for hygiene.

Portable public restroom

France: Toilettes Chimiques

In France, portable toilets are often referred to as “Toilettes Chimiques.” This term directly translates to “Chemical Toilets,” highlighting the method used to manage waste in these portable units. These toilets are a common sight at outdoor events, construction sites, and in areas where permanent facilities are not available or are insufficient.

Italy: Bagni Chimici

In Italy, portable toilets are commonly known as “Bagni Chimici,” which translates to “Chemical Baths.” Similar to the French “Toilettes Chimiques,” this term emphasizes the chemical method used for sanitation and waste management in these portable units. Bagni Chimici are widely used in Italy at various outdoor events, festivals, construction sites, and in areas where permanent restroom facilities are not available.

New Zealand: Portaloos

In New Zealand, portable toilets are commonly referred to as “Portaloos.” This term is widely recognized and used across the country, especially in contexts like outdoor events, festivals, construction sites, and in areas where permanent facilities are not feasible.

South Africa: Portable or Chemical Toilets

In South Africa, portable toilets are commonly referred to as either “Portable Toilets” or “Chemical Toilets.” These terms are widely used across the country, particularly at outdoor events, construction sites, and in areas where permanent restroom facilities are not available.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Luxury Restroom Trailers: A Global Phenomenon

Luxury restroom trailers, known as “Luxury Loos” in some regions, are a step above the standard portable toilet. These trailers are often used at high-end events like weddings, corporate functions, or movie sets. Internationally, they provide amenities that rival those of permanent restrooms, including flushing toilets, full-size mirrors, climate control, sound systems, and elegant interior design. Some even offer attendants to ensure cleanliness and stock supplies like luxury paper towels and high-end soaps.

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Specialized Variants: Porta Janes and Jones Jons

“Porta Janes” is a term sometimes used in the United States for portable toilets designated for women. These units might include additional features like larger mirrors, more hooks for personal items, and a more spacious interior.

“Jones Jons” is another term, often used in the U.S., that originated from a brand name but has become a generic term for portable toilets. These units can range from basic to advanced, with some offering features like hands-free flushing and foot-operated sinks.

camping portable toilet

Camping Toilet: A Necessity for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For camping enthusiasts worldwide, “Camping Toilet” refers to portable, lightweight, and compact units designed for use in remote locations. These toilets are typically more basic, with features like waste bags for easy disposal and biodegradable chemicals to minimize environmental impact. Camping toilets are essential for campers who want to maintain hygiene while enjoying the great outdoors.



In conclusion, under various names, portable toilets serve as a crucial component for sanitation in numerous settings. From “Porta Potties” at local fairs to “Luxury Loos” at upscale events, these facilities ensure hygiene and convenience in places where traditional toilets are unavailable. Whether planning an event or running a portable toilet business, understanding these terms can help you navigate the world of mobile sanitation solutions. 

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