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How many toilets do you need at a Rosa Parks Day?

Like any public gathering, the number of toilets needed for a Rosa Parks Day event depends on various factors, such as the expected number of attendees, the event’s duration, and whether food and alcohol will be served. 

Generally, for smaller events with less than 250 guests, you might need 1-3 toilets, depending on the event’s length. For significant events with 500 to 20,000 guests, the number of portable toilets needed grows based on the number of guests and the event duration.

For example, a full-day event (10 hours) with 5,000 guests would require around 63 portable toilets. If the event has 10,000 guests, you need about 125 portable toilets. These estimates assume that one portable toilet can provide approximately 200 uses and that each guest will use the restroom once every four hours.

Additionally, it’s essential to factor in the temperature during the event and whether food and alcohol will be served. These conditions can increase the need for portable toilets by 20-30%. Furthermore, public events should also consider the availability of hand wash stations for hygiene purposes, with a recommendation of one hand wash station for every 10 portable toilets.

​How many types of toilets are available in the USA?

The types of toilets required for a Rosa Parks Day event can vary depending on the event’s size, location, and audience needs. Typically, the following types of portable toilets might be considered:

  • Standard Portable Toilets: These are the most common and are suitable for all kinds of events, including large gatherings.


  • ADA-Compliant Portable Toilets: To inclusivity and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, having accessible toilets is crucial. These are larger and designed to accommodate wheelchairs.


  • Luxury or Deluxe Portable Toilets: For more upscale events or VIP areas, these toilets offer additional amenities like flushing toilets, running water, and more comfortable interiors.


  • Portable Urinals: For events with a predominantly male audience, these can help reduce wait times and improve efficiency.


  • Family Portable Toilets: Larger units that can accommodate parents with children or individuals needing assistance, often including baby changing facilities.


  • Eco-Friendly Portable Toilets: These are designed to reduce environmental impact, using less water and more sustainable materials.


  • Hand Wash Stations and Sanitization Centers: These are essential for maintaining hygiene, especially in food serving areas or large gatherings.
Portable toilets

How to maintain toilets on Rosa parks day events?

Maintaining portable toilets during Rosa Parks Day events starts with ensuring adequate units are available. The general guideline is one portable restroom for every 100 guests, which can vary based on event size and duration. Including a mix of standard, ADA-compliant, and possibly luxury toilets can cater to a diverse range of needs​​​.

Additionally, the Strategic placement of these units is key to their practical use. Toilets should be easily accessible, placed in high-traffic areas, and distributed evenly across the event space. Avoid placing them in overly sunny or muddy areas to maintain comfort and cleanliness. Hand-washing stations should be conveniently located near these facilities​​​.

Furthermore, regularly cleaning and restocking supplies are crucial for hygiene and guest comfort. This includes ensuring a continuous supply of toilet paper, hand sanitisers, and other hygiene products. For multi-day events, it’s advisable to have the toilets professionally serviced daily, focusing on high-touch areas to ensure cleanliness​​​.

Lastly, consider the need for permits based on the event’s location and ensure compliance with local regulations. Portable toilet rental companies are usually well-versed in these requirements and can assist in ensuring that all legal and health guidelines are met​.

Why Is Rosa Parks Day Important in American History?

Rosa Parks, a brave African-American woman, ignited the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. Rosa Parks Day is a significant observance in American history for several reasons:

  • Symbol of Courage and Resistance: Rosa Parks is celebrated as an inspirational figure in the civil rights movement. Her refusal to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in Montgomery, Alabama, on December 1, 1955, symbolized a moment of defiance against racial segregation and discrimination.

  • Sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott: Parks’ arrest led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a pivotal event in the civil rights movement. This boycott was a form of non-violent protest against racial segregation on public buses and was one of the first large-scale demonstrations against segregation in the United States.

  • Raising Awareness of Racial Injustice: Rosa Parks Day serves as a reminder of the struggles faced by African Americans during the era of racial segregation. It helps educate current and future generations about the history of racial inequality in the United States.

  • Honoring African-American Women’s Contributions: The day is also a tribute to the role of African-American women in the fight for civil rights. Parks’ act of defiance is seen as a courageous stand by a black woman against systemic racism, highlighting the crucial role played by women in the movement.

  • Promoting Civil Rights and Equality: Observing Rosa Parks Day is a way to continue the conversation about civil rights and the ongoing struggle for racial equality in America. It serves as a call to action to address current social and racial issues inspired by the legacy of Parks and other civil rights leaders.

  • Symbolizing the Fight for Justice: The day encapsulates the broader fight for justice and equality, not just in the context of racial segregation but also in other areas where inequality persists.


In conclusion, Rosa Parks Day is a momentous occasion that needs meticulous planning to succeed. Portable toilets from Star Porta Potty Rentals offer a practical and hygienic solution to address the restroom needs of your attendees. By choosing us, you’re not only making your event more accessible but also contributing to the comfort and convenience of everyone in attendance.

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