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Hosting events in Boston, also called the “Energizer”, is last and always a very thrilling job. From a vibrant music festival to a polished corporate occasion, an emotional wedding day to an exciting sports event, the city’s electric ambience undoubtedly presents the world of unforgettable scenes. Amid the enthusiasm and careful preparation, the thought of ensuring amply clean and customized restroom facilities frequently goes unpaid attention.

At Star Porta Potty Rentals, we pay great attention to the flow of events, and what matters most in event logistics is restroom facilities. Being one of the most credible portable potty vendors for the Boston area, we promise to provide you with top quality assistance and cleanliness. We offer a full range of portable restroom facilities for any size of the event and all event types, whether a small-scale gathering or a large festival.

Types of Porta Potty Rentals

Standard porta-potties provide a convenient solution for temporary sanitary requirements. These portable restrooms are intended to be efficient and convenient. 

Our handicap portable toilets are built to satisfy the specific needs of impaired customers, with wide interiors, durable railings, and wheelchair accessible. Look through our inventory right now.

Our deluxe portable toilets provide the finest in comfort and convenience. Our units are designed to deliver a premium lavatory experience on the go, with exquisite designs, large interiors, and the best facilities

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Ada Compliant

Our deluxe portable toilets provide the finest in comfort and convenience. Our units are designed to deliver a premium lavatory experience on the go, with exquisite designs, large interiors, and the best facilities

ADA-Compliant Units: Providing Access and Inclusion for All. Explore a wide choice of ADA-compliant units built to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act’s accessibility criteria. 

Portable Toilets with Showers Experience ultimate convenience and hygiene with our portable toilets equipped with showers. Ideal for outdoor events, camping trips, and construction sites. 

Convenient and Clean Sanitation for Any Event. Our portable loo trailers provide clean and comfortable facilities on wheels, making them ideal for weddings, construction sites, outdoor festivals

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Meeting the Event Needs of Boston

Boston hosts many events that attract visitors all over the country. Naturally, guests go to visit these events and eventually make the demand of the presence of public restroom facilities higher. To facilitate adequate restroom services, Star Porta Potty Rentals offers a convenient, functional, and clean option to ensure attendees have access to these restrooms throughout the event.

Our quality portable standard and luxury restroom solutions that come at highly competitive prices are suitable for various occasions from corporate functions to thrilling events. The luxury restroom trailers we designed give permanent facilities, sure to be a class representative for elite events.

We guarantee all users the fastest and most convenient delivery through VIP restroom options at competitive rates. You are free from paying for the expensive pipe installation or any other plumbing work for restroom use. We have a broad selection of porta potty for any of your portable restroom uses.

Tips for Planning and Budgeting Porta Potty Rentals in Boston

  • Estimate Attendance: Determine the expected number of attendees to calculate the required number of porta potties.
  • Consider Event Duration: Longer events may require more porta potties to accommodate attendees over time.
  • Evaluate Venue and Space: Assess the event venue and available space to determine suitable placement of porta potties.
  • Review Rental Options: Explore different porta-potty rental packages and types to find the best fit for your event needs.
  • Factor in Additional Services: Consider extras such as handwashing stations or luxury restroom trailers for added comfort.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: Request quotes from several porta potty rental companies to compare prices and services.
  • Plan for Delivery and Pickup: Coordinate delivery and pickup logistics with the rental company to ensure timely setup and removal.
  • Communicate with Rental Company: Maintain open communication with the rental company to address any concerns or special requirements for your event.

Why choose Star Porta Potty Rentals

Star Porta Potty Rental in Boston stands out as the premier choice for your porta potty needs in Boston. With a steadfast commitment to quality service, we offer an extensive selection of porta-potty options tailored to your event or project.

Our dedication to cleanliness and maintenance ensures that each unit is pristine and ready for use, providing a hygienic restroom experience for your guests or workers. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver customized solutions, working closely with you to meet your specific requirements.

You can rely on us for reliable and prompt delivery, setup, and pickup, backed by responsive customer support. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, choosing Star Porta Potty Rentals guarantees a seamless and stress-free rental experience from start to finish.

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A Brief History of Boston

Everett, a gem in the state of Washington, boasts a rich and vibrant history. Named after Everett Colby, the son of investor Charles L. Colby, the city was officially incorporated in 1893. Everett's early years were marked by a booming lumber industry, with the city being home to the largest sawmill in the world at the time. The 20th century saw a shift in Everett's economy, with the arrival of the U.S. Navy and the aerospace industry.

The establishment of Naval Station Everett in 1994 and the presence of Boeing's assembly plant have significantly contributed to the city's growth and development. Today, Everett is a bustling city that beautifully blends its historic charm with modern innovation and progress.

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We offer a range of options, including standard units, deluxe units with additional amenities, handicap-accessible units, and luxury restroom trailers.

Porta potties are typically serviced regularly, with cleaning and maintenance performed as needed to ensure cleanliness and functionality. The frequency of servicing may vary depending on the duration and type of event.

A  standard porta potty rental in Boston starts from $160.

We are experienced in delivering units to various locations, including remote or challenging terrain. However, additional logistics and fees may apply depending on the site’s accessibility.

Rental packages typically include the porta potty unit, delivery and pickup services, maintenance and cleaning, supplies such as toilet paper and hand sanitiser, and customer support.